Coffee Break / Journeying Part 2

Every journey requires a break, or does it not? This journey as outlined in http://trailblazer.co.za/coffee-journeying/ is a break in itself, in two ways: firstly, as a reader of this, take a break and view this coffee journey, part 2; and secondly, there’s a ‘break’ in a new development that this journey promised in the last Tale, namely, three improvements required in that quest for that perfect cup on the trails…


As a reminder, the three areas of improvement required were the cup, the carrier bag, and the frother. The journey results in this Tale…


The Cup:


H300 Snow Peak Double Wall Titanium Stackable Mug with Lid (http://snowpeak.com/)













This mug is great because it:

  • Keeps coffee at the desired temperature for a long period of time (doesn’t lose heat easily because of its double wall structure)
  • Has a lid which fits and assists in this heat retention
  • Does not burn ones hands or lips when holding or drinking from it respectively due to the double wall thickness
  • An AeroPress fits perfectly when extracting
  • Super strong
  • Extremely light
  • Compact and small to fit in one’s bag snugly (comes with a small pouch)


The Carrier Bag:


AeroPress nylon zippered Tote Bag (http://www.aeropress.ca/product/tote-bag/)













This bag is great because it is basically the only bag that I could find that stores all of the required equipment in this Tale and the previous one above together compactly enough (naturally, made for the AeroPress by AeroPress – go figure!). It was so important for the upcoming Sojourn that I had to import it as it is not available in South Africa.


The Frother:


Mini Hand Held Cappuccino Frother (http://bakingtin.com/)












This added perk really is just that – a compact, semi-lightweight bliss for cappuccinos! With an easily detachable whisk, and being small enough to fit in the bag, this frother takes two AA batteries and whips up a seriously milky storm!


This is making me needy, needy for that cup of coffee…now where is it? Oh, of course, I have to make it – take a much needed break, to journeying in making my perfect cup on the trails!

A journey within a journey – sojourning…
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Saturday, 18 January 2020

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